File extension emf is used by following file type(s):

File extension emf file type description:
Default file extension for .emf file type:
Enhanced Windows Metafile picture

The EMF file extension is commonly used for Enhanced Metafile Format, a bitmap graphics format that is the successor to WMF format..

The Windows Metafile Format (file extension WMF) is the original 16-bit native vector file format for the Microsoft Windows operating environment. The Enhanced Metafile Format is the next generation 32-bit Windows Metafile. EMF files have extended functionality including a color palette and full support for all 32-bit GDI commands.

MIME: application/emf, application/x-emf, image/x-emf, image/x-mgx-emf, image/x-xbitma

that open emf files:
Ability Photopaint (Microsoft Windows)
ACDSee Photo Manager (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Illustrator (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Presentations (Microsoft Windows)
Free PDF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
IrfanView (Microsoft Windows)
Nero Multimedia Suite (Microsoft Windows) Draw (multiplatform software)
PrimoOnline (Microsoft Windows)
XnView (multiplatform software)